Pragmatic APPROACH for Blockchain

Greedy people have made blockchain projects much complicated like cathedrals.
It brought many conflicts with the existing world and no market growth in the market like mobile games.
Our focus is just making it works.
The logo of us shows the following philosophy.

  • Connect blockchain and the existing value chains like a split ring.
  • Take advantages of blockchain for its right place like a part of a pie.

In addition, it is a pictogram for the initial character of ‘L’.


Charity auction to donate to #CryptoAgainstCovidJapan – Japan Initiative Fundraising Campaign

Quan Inc. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuhiro Mizuno) and Linker Inc. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Minoru Yanai) has been working together to tokenize exclusive license rights for characters owned by Quan since 2019. In support of the purpose of #CryptoAgainstCovidJapan – Japan Initiative Fundraising Campaign, we have decided to significantly mark down the price of …

Linker signed with CrossAngle of Singapore as Strategic Partnership Agreement and started of Exclusive Distribution Lead in Japan of Xangle, a Crypto Asset Disclosure Platform

On day July, 2109 – Linker LLC.  (headquarters: Tokyo; representative employee: Minoru Yanai, hereinafter our company) announces strategic partnership agreement was signed with CrossAngle Pte. Ltd. (headquarters : Singapore, CSO / Co-Founder: James Kim)  Through this strategic partnership, we have started exclusive distribution lead in Japan of “Xangle” , a crypto asset disclosure platform provided …

Quan Inc. started to sell tokenized license copyright of over 100 million downloaded character on the blockchain

Tokyo, May 21, 2019: Quan Inc. (Kazuhiro Mizuno, CEO) and Linker LLC (Minoru Yanai, Representative Partner) have jointly tokenized Quon-owned “Meow Town” and “Fantastic Sumo” into NFT (Non Fungible Token on blockchain), and have started selling exclusive license right. <About Quan Inc.>  Quon is an Internet origin character development company. It has partnered with leading …

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