Minoru Yanai

10+ years of experience in mobile content and applications in Japan. Advertisement and sales experience in new business planning at Rakuten Japan. 5+ years of global strategy consultation to Japanese mobile games. Experience in leading new mobile service in Japan, achieving over 100 Million downloads.

Yohei Nishikubo

Investment experiences in Israel, UK, Indonesia Hong Kong, and Japan as a venture partner of Mitsui Global Investment. Management experiences as president of JLISTING and a corporate officer of Livedoor. Strategic Consulting experiences for traditional companies at Japan Research Insititute.

Mai Fujimoto

Mai, or more popularly known in Japan as “Miss Bitcoin” has been immersed in the crypto-space since 2011, establishing her footprint in the industry with an impressive resumé. She is the founder of Gracone, a company that helps connect businesses in the blockchain / cryptocurrency industry, and has been quoted in many media publications. She’s an advisor to a renowned list of
established IT companies in Japan such as GMO Internet, bread etc..
providing counsel for their blockchain / cryptocurrency endeavors.