Linker signed with CrossAngle of Singapore as Strategic Partnership Agreement and started of Exclusive Distribution Lead in Japan of Xangle, a Crypto Asset Disclosure Platform

On day July, 2109 – Linker LLC.  (headquarters: Tokyo; representative employee: Minoru Yanai, hereinafter our company) announces strategic partnership agreement was signed with CrossAngle Pte. Ltd. (headquarters : Singapore, CSO / Co-Founder: James Kim) 

Through this strategic partnership, we have started exclusive distribution lead in Japan of “Xangle” , a crypto asset disclosure platform provided by CrossAngle

In the stock market, there is a timely disclosure platform such as EDGAR in the United States and EDINET in Japan, which is the fundamental of healthy market environment. On the other hand, the crypto asset market did not have a platform that is a similar system, caused to the market turmoil.

“Xangle” provided by CrossAngle is a platform for timely disclosure in crypto assets and aim to contribute to the healthy growth of the crypto asset market worldwide. More than 110 crypto asset projects have already started timely disclosure on Xangle beta service (Full service to begin within July).

Major crypto asset exchanges such as KORBIT, CPDAX, GOPAX, Bithumb, Coinone, Hanbitco & Bitsonic  in Korea have been adopted as information provider platform and the adoption of multiple global major crypto asset exchanges has also been decided.

Through this partnership, Linker will contribute to the soundness of the crypto asset market and accelerate the activity as a hub of blockchain / crypto asset business both in Japan and global by accurate and fair disclosure information.

James Kim, CSO of CrossAngle, said about this partnership deal,

“When stocks goes public IPO in the stock market, information is also disclosed to public market for sound secondary market. However, crypto market information still remains private despite token sales going public after issuance which creates huge information asymmetry and inefficiency in the market. We provide a public disclosure platform where crypto-financed projects can disclose their progress and achievements, help investors make investment decisions on logic not speculations on hopes, bring transparency and fairness in market. We believe working with Linker in Japan would expand our vision to more trusted partners who would move together towards creating a more sound market” 

<Linker LLC.>
Address : Tokyo, Japan

Representative employee : Minoru Yanai
Description of business:Blockchain / Crypto asset project marketing business, Blockchain service development business

<CrossAngle Pte. Ltd.>
Address : Singapore

CSO / Co-Founder: James Kim

Description of business : Crypto Asset Project Disclosure Information Business (Xangle)


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