Quan Inc. started to sell tokenized license copyright of over 100 million downloaded character on the blockchain

Tokyo, May 21, 2019: Quan Inc. (Kazuhiro Mizuno, CEO) and Linker LLC (Minoru Yanai, Representative Partner) have jointly tokenized Quon-owned “Meow Town” and “Fantastic Sumo” into NFT (Non Fungible Token on blockchain), and have started selling exclusive license right.

<About Quan Inc.>

 Quon is an Internet origin character development company. It has partnered with leading chat applications from around the world since around 2015 and has developed stickers with LINE, KakaoTalk, Facebook, WeChat, Zalo, Hike, Kik Messenger, and so on. The total number of downloads has reached 2.7 billion (as of the end of April 2019), the cumulative number of sending has exceeded 24 billion times.

Our business is that selling stickers (such as  LINE, KakaoTalk, Viber and so on) and global business expansion of characters.

We have already established subsidiaries in China and Thailand. Also we have contracted with local character agencies in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, for producing character goods, pop-up stores, promotional collaborations in Asia countries.

(Japanese Daimaru Matsuzakaya, Chinese Lawson (* Reference 1), Hong Kong’s Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Thailand’s True Group and so). The overseas revenue ratio of our character business as of September-December 2018 has reached about 65%.

Main characters from the stickers of Quan

<About this main purpose of business plan>

 Quan, which produces and distributes a large number of the Internet origin characters, is expected to accelerate the character license business of the domestic character market (information source: CharaBiz DATA 2018), which is estimated to be approximately 1.5 trillion yen, and overseas markets to use blockchain technology that is currently attracting attention for character license distribution business.

129.1 million downloads, 500,000 DAU (Daily active users) “Meow Town”,  and 61 million downloads, 400,000 DAU “Fantastic Sumo” already on Facebook Messenger.  Quan has been issued NFT (non-feasible token) of exclusive use right for  “Meow Town” and “Fantastic Sumo” , and sell at the NFT exchange service “OpenSea”. Quan use Linker‘s technology and know-how for this business.

Using NFT to acquire trading offers from businesses around the world on an open exchange, secure settlement via seamless escrow trading, which smart contract enables, and proof of license ownership via electronic signatures. It becomes possible to greatly reduce the time, cost and risk of traditional license transactions.

We will continue to develop new character license business utilizing NFT in collaboration with Linker.

Meow Town sales page


Meow Town

Fantastic Sumo sales page


Fantastic Sumo

Reference 1: Collaboration campaign of our character Ellis in Lawson, China


<Quan Inc.>
Address : 1-58-16 Yoyogi, Shibuya Tokyo
CEO : Kazuhiro Mizuno
URL : http://quan-inc.jp/en/

<Linker LLC.>
Address : Nakano-ku Tokyo
Representative Partner : MInoru Yanai
URL :  https://linker.plus

E-Mail : info@linker.plus
POC:Minoru Yanai

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