Linker and Quan character art into NFT and starts selling

Linker and Quan, Over 4 billion downloads in the world wide, Quan’s own characters 35 pieces of art works have started to convert to NFT and are now on sale.

Linker Inc. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Minoru Yanai) and Quan Inc. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuhiro Mizuno) began selling its digital character art through the NFT marketplace Rarible, Quan’s collection page ( on March 25th with the cooperation with Linker inc. The character art works that have been released this time are a total of 35 pieces, including the works that displayed at the character art exhibition held by Quan in Bangkok in February 2020.

This time, the artworks featuring major characters like Usagyuuun, Betakkuma, Business Fish, Sugar Cubs, and Mimi and Neko will be sold. Those characters are popular as stickers on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other communication services all over the world. All those characters hit over 100 million downloads. 

Each NFTs selling are featured on Rarible, and it is expected that it will attract a lot of attention.

In 2019, in collaboration with Linker Inc., we also challenged the efforts to the character rights themselves to NFT. In the future, we plan to release various IPs, not only our own characters but also globally recognized characters and IPs as NFTs.

<Quan Inc.>
Address: Tokyo, Japan
CEO: Kazuhiro Mizuno

<Linker Inc.>
Address: Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director: Minoru Yanai

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